“A Season Called Christmas” New Christmas CD

I was pleasantly surprised when my dad sent me a link to to www.aseasoncalledchristmas.com. Not only because I love Christmas music but because one of the songs features vocals from my dad, Paul David. The album was written by Lee James one of my dad’s friends. He put together a great collection of children’s Christmas songs and songs with a classic holiday feel. I know I’m bias but my favorite is the one featuring my dad called “(Give Me) A Brand Old Christmas.” It has the distinctive Christmas feel and has the potential to be an instant Christmas classic. I know it’s early but Thanksgiving is around the corner so it’s okay to talk about Christmas music now right. I mean how can you not when everywhere you go there are Christmas decorations up and holiday advertisements for everything you could ever wish for. Well I guess that is enough talking from me. You can checkout clips of these new Christmas songs for yourself. Hope you enjoy the CD I know that I will be playing it over and over throughout the 2011 Christmas season.

A Season Called Christmas


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  1. On November 20, 2011 Joanne says:

    I agree! Paul David does a great job singing “Brand Old Christmas”. “Cookies& Milk” is a great tune,too! “A Season Called Christmas” has a nostalgic and warm feeling to it. I love it and hope it finds a home with a lot of people this year!

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