Website For Music Educator and Conductor: Brian Panetta

I recently designed a website for Brian Panetta. Please explore this newly created music educator and conductor website and let me know if you have any feedback. The purpose of the site is to be a professional portfolio for Brian. To list his music teaching experiences we PDFed  and attached his resume. We also created a media gallery with band/choir pictures and videos using Flagallery which was easy to install and customize. The contact forms are all powered by my favorite contact plugin, Contact Form 7. Their flexible design and format options helped me create an appealing way for music professionals to get in contact with Brian. I used the Thesis Theme and their new Classic Skin for this project. I really appreciated how its built-in responsive design made the site display well on both desktops and mobile devices.

Let me know what you think of the site and if you have any suggestions for improving it. I hope to make it a quality outlet for Brian to enhance his music career.

Brian Panetta: Music Teacher

Resourceful Nonprofit Marketing: Get Results on a Budget

Nonprofit Marketing On A BudgetIt is no secret that marketers at nonprofit organizations have limited time and resources. Commonly, nonprofits have a one-person marketing department or marketing tasks are divided between overloaded staff members and volunteers. On top of limited human resources, marketing budgets are typically small or nonexistent. To combat these constraints, nonprofit organizations need a marketing strategy with tactics that are both low-cost and effective. Through my experience helping market a variety of nonprofit organizations, I have discovered several key tactics that can help an organization get results on a budget. If these tactics are combined with a solid strategy, they will help any organization increase key performance indicators including awareness, donors, volunteers and clients.

Get Strategic

Before touching on tactics, a strategy must be determined. This will save time in the future by helping to maintain focus. Likely, the organization has determined its mission/vision and target constituency. If not it is time to decide ‘what’ specifically the organization wants to do and ‘how’ it will serve the community. Care should be exercised to ensure that the ‘what’ and ‘how’ tie directly into the overarching ‘why’. This ‘why’ is the ultimate dream, which will serve as the catalyst for the organization’s identity. Without this direction, many organizations become mediocre at many things when they could be remarkable only if they had more focus. Remember to consider what other organizations are already doing. Consider what unique value the organization can create and capitalize on that.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategy


A Quality Explanation of SOPA and PIPA from

After hearing and reading a lot about SOPA and PIPA on the radio, online and through the news, I wanted to share the explanation of these proposed laws that I found most beneficial. I have found that most the commentary on the topic from both sides is over simplified. I believe that this recent TED video does an excellent job of not only stating the issues but getting to the root of the conflict. This conflict is between large entertainment companies and an individual’s freedom to share media. Therefore, it is not only large internet companies that need to be concerned with the passage of these laws. Clay Shirky’s talk provides a complete analysis of the issue. I specifically appreciated his history of intellectual property protection legislation and his clear plan for an individual to make an impact on this debate.  I hope that you find this video as insightful as I did.

Do you have any thoughts on this video? Do you think that he misses any major points?


“A Season Called Christmas” New Christmas CD

I was pleasantly surprised when my dad sent me a link to to Not only because I love Christmas music but because one of the songs features vocals from my dad, Paul David. The album was written by Lee James one of my dad’s friends. He put together a great collection of children’s Christmas songs and songs with a classic holiday feel. I know I’m bias but my favorite is the one featuring my dad called “(Give Me) A Brand Old Christmas.” It has the distinctive Christmas feel and has the potential to be an instant Christmas classic. I know it’s early but Thanksgiving is around the corner so it’s okay to talk about Christmas music now right. I mean how can you not when everywhere you go there are Christmas decorations up and holiday advertisements for everything you could ever wish for. Well I guess that is enough talking from me. You can checkout clips of these new Christmas songs for yourself. Hope you enjoy the CD I know that I will be playing it over and over throughout the 2011 Christmas season.

A Season Called Christmas


Some of the Best Google Doodle Songs!

I’m sure many others, like myself, were thrilled to see the new Google Doodle for today. The Doodle for May 10, 2011 is a playable guitar in honor of Les Paul’s 96th Birthday yesterday. According to Wikipedia Les Paul “was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which made the sound of rock and roll possible. He is credited with many recording innovations.” Click the picture below to hear my very own Doodle Song (the beginning of A Whole New World from Aladin) and then you can create your own Doodle Song. Also, I have included some of my favorite from YouTube.

Les Paul Google Doodle